Lines of Destiny can refer to one of the following:

  • Lines of Destiny - by Louis-Philippe Giroux: Ranma and Akane have just got married. Now they are to go to University together. While they find accommodation, they are staying with Ranma's cousin, Rei Hino, in a shinto shrine. When they first arrive on the train a monster accosts them at the station. The Sailor Senshi arrive to deal with it, but too late!, Ranma and Akane have handily dealt with it. This piques the Sailors interest. It's even more interesting when Ranma and Akane are found to be reincarnations of Hotaru's brother, the Saturn Knight, and Endymions Sister, Sailor Terra.[1]
  • Lines of Destiny - by Jokun: What if Yuri's bad ending brought him forward further in time, to modern day Japan and to the life of a woman named Nodoka Nanaya.[2]
  • "Lines of Destiny Chapter 12 Trailer" - by Louis-Philippe Giroux

References[edit | edit source]

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