Little Condo on the Prairie is written by Kevin D. Hammel and was published online on January 1st, 2000.[1]


Akane flies to America to visit Nabiki and her daughters. She'll probably have to see HIM again, but maybe it won't be too bad, and Nabiki will no doubt need comforting...[2]

After 10 years Akane decides to reach out to her sister Nabiki, who is trapped in a worthless relationship. Of course, Akane might have to deal with Ranma... But Nabiki will certainly need Akane's comfort and support.[3]


Spoiler warning! - This article contains plot details about the events of this story.

After a long trip to a foriegn land, Akane Hibiki rings the doorbell of her sister and brother-in-law's condo, summoning Ranma Saotome in female form. Ranma is reluctant to open the for Akane. Eventually Nabiki Saotome shows up behind Akane. Observation dismisses Akane's preconceptions of failure and inability based on Ranma's supposedly tainted heritage. Ranma is successful artist and still teaches martial arts. Ranma PE and Art degrees. Nabiki is a successful business consltant and has an MBA. It is obvious the couple is still in love.

At lunch, Ranma delivers on a contract to illustrate a children's book she wrote. Akane is impressed by payment Ranma receives. Ranma, Nabiki, and their children seem to have completely embraced Ranma's dual forms. Akane's marriage to Ryoga Hibiki ended in divorce when Akane finally discovered the truth about P-chan. She then lost custody and visitation of her daughter. Ranma and Nabiki offer Akane a chance to take of over as manager at the cafe Nodoka Saotome runs downtown after having divorced Genma Saotome. They also offer to legally assist Akane in getting a new custody agreement worked out for her daughter.

Akane flies home to Soun Tendo and Kasumi Tendo pondering whether to accept the offer of employment while mulling over the relationship with Ranma she lost. Negative feelings she had toward Ranma at the start of the story are now directed to her ex-husband.


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