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Man Among Men is written by Gregg Sharp and began online publication on October 19th, 1998.[1] It currently stands incomplete at one instalment.


A plague is released during Desert Storm.[2]

A plague sweeps the world. It doesn't really affect women, but of the men who catch it, 80% die, and 80% of the survivors are rendered sterile. The remaining non-sterile males are in high demand. Tatewaki is one, and Akane is promptly engaged to him. Ranma is another and both Nabiki and Kasumi are engaged to him. Ryoga is a third, and finds himself in the Amazon village...[3]


Part 1: Here's RanmaEdit

Journal entries by Nabiki Tendo in February 1991 reveal that the Iraqis unleashed what is now known as the "Red Plague" against American forces during the Gulf War. It spread around the world and largely affected only men, killing four in five and and rendering four in five among the survivors permanently sterile. Tatewaki Kuno, who survived and is found to be still fertile after testing, is engaged to Akane Tendo with Soun's approval. In May 1992 Nabiki learns that Genma Saotome and his son Ranma survived and that Ranma is still fertile. Because of the extreme measures being taken worldwide to ensure the survival of humanity, Nabiki speculates that she or Kasumi will become Ranma's fiancée.

Later Ranma and Genma in their cursed forms are walking down the streets of Tokyo. Ranma reveals that practices such as "Breeding Camps" and an American artificial insemination program have been put in place. They arrive at the Tendo Dojo without transforming back to their true forms. Genma reveals that Ranma was found to be completely healthy by testing. Soun then announces that Nabiki and Kasumi will be engaged to him. Ranma is shocked at the news, but the two have accepted the idea and tell him that his situation is better than it could be elsewhere. On the roof of the Tendo Dojo, Shampoo smirks to herself. Ryoga Hibiki in his cursed form is being chased by Chinese Amazons, who know about his curse. He is incapacitated when one of them exposes her breasts to him, resulting in his capture. Back at the Tendo Dojo Ranma meets a worn looking Akane who reveals that she will be Kuno's First Wife and that he could be in a worse situation, as she will have to deal with Azusa Shiratori, for example. She tells him that he will do fine...


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