Mike W. Loader is the author of 23 works of Ranma ½ fan fiction.


NAME: Mike "Niccolo" Loader, Mike of no Particular Title or Handle.
A. Age: 20
B. Anime Favorites:
Ranma 1/2, Lodoss, Riding Bean
C. Other Interests: Writing, RPGs, History (Roman and early 20th century areas of expertise), Literature (Great and Popular), Forensics (a kind of verbal jujitsu :) ), Escrima (barely), Quantum Theory (the amateur version), Evil Nefarious Schemes.
D. Music: Alternative as a whole, The Pogues, Gilbert and Sullivan, Enya, Bach, Pink Floyd. Not real fond of Country or Rap, although not to the point of homicide. Usually.
E. Personality: I'm a cheerful cynic, if that makes any sense. I've taken to assuming the worst; that way I'm not too disappointed when it happens. I try to be nice to people....don't always succeed. Still, it's very difficult to get me upset at something, and there are few people in the world that I dislike, and even fewer that I hate. And none of them are on the ML. Although I do think that lots of people have phenomenally bad ideas. I'm not exactly shy about giving my opinion, and if I think someone's been making a fool of themselves, or hurting others, I'll tell them so. I cheerfully admit to being a sneaky, manipulative bastard. My friends gave me my RL nickname for a reason. In my defence, I'll say this: I have my own code of ethics, which I do my best not to break, I have never deliberately set out to do something that I felt would hurt a person (physically or emotionally), and my nick was given more in affection that anger.
F. Height (optional): 'bout normal, bit on the tall side
G. Weight (optional): 120, or around there
H. Overall Appearance: Thin, wiry, horrible posture; vague resemblance to a vulture. ;) Permanent death-warmed-over look from too many midnights spent in airports, cafes, assorted friends' places, etc. Brown hair, blue eyes, white skin. Coffee and tea are the two proofs of the existence of a higher power. I'm a Discordian. That's a philosophy, not a religion.
I. Education (how much and where)?: High School grad, Goethe-Instit grad, working on a Journalism major at University of Nevada.
J. Gender: Male
K. Sex ^_-: No comment. ;)
L. Level of Asuza-ness (do you like kawaii things?): Define kawaii.
M. Homepage: On a free uni undergrad account? Be serious.
N. Driving : Can drive, no vehicle
O. Computer type: Mac Color Classic
P. Email addy:
Q. Area of Residence :Reno, NV. Previously LA, LV, Trier, heck, look at my .sig for the complete list. Have wandered through most of Europe and Asia in my time.
R. What Fanfics have you written:
Nameless Saga, We Don't Do Okonomiyaki (TFBT crossover), Making the Jump, Smoke and Mirrors. In the works: Follow the Bouncing Ball, Sempai Quixote.
S. Job?: Newspaper Intern.

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