Neo Genus Jusenkyo is written by Kevin D. Hammel and began online publication on December 26th, 1998.[1] It currently stands incomplete at eight episodes, the last of which was published online on January 5th, 2000.[1]


Akane and Nabiki come to Joketsuzoku 3, the centre of the fight against the attacking Zoomorphs, large alien wormlike creatures that want to destroy the planet. They are to pilot JAVA's, huge creatures that can only be piloted by someone with a Jusenkyo curse. There they mean Ranma, who is already a pilot, and who is incidentally engaged to one of them There they will also be reunited with their sister Kasumi, who is very quiet, rarely talking. And there they will come under the control of Ranma's father, Genma and their own father, Soun Tendovski...[2]

Ranma is head of the Saotome clan. Akane and Nabiki are both cursed to turn into males at the application of cold water. The three of them are being trained to fight with giant robots named JAVAs.[3]


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