Nerima can refer to one of the following:

  • Nerima - by Deep Quote
  • Nerima Blues - by Rodney P. Malapitan: After an important event several people congregate in the Ucchans. None in a very good mood. Ryoga, Kuno, Kodachi, Ukyo and Shampoo. Some others are having a wild party elsewhere, Mousse, Konatsu and Tsubasa.[1]
  • Nerima by Night - by John Walter Biles: See the Amazon Nosferatu elder Cologne! Feel the agony of Ryouga the wereboar! Taste the magical cooking of Ukyou, Adept of the Cult of Ecstasy! Smell the scent of motor oil from all those headless HIT MARKS! Hear the mystic chanting at the Tendo Chantry![2]
  • Nerima Does Kodachi - by 2SI Productions: Shampoo and Kodachi are hauled off to jail together after a fight in the Ucchan.[3]
  • Nerima Knights - by Jeremy Evans: It all starts when Chibi-Usa comes back to the past with her new boyfriend. At the same time over in America an unknown enemy is stalking Max Mercury and Impulse. Finally Ranma learns a new technique that allows him to dodge the Amazon Glomp and Mallet-sama!! What do these events have in common??[4]
  • Neriman Distortion - by W. Brad Robinson
  • Nerima Park - by Sean D'anna
  • Nerima Park - by Gretchen


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