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Nerima Episodes is written by Ren'ai-chan and began online publication in ????. It was completed in ????.


Akane dumps Ranma. Nothing new. Then she engages him to her older sister Nabiki. Ranma never got back together with Akane. Not this time. He and Nabiki have been the happily-betrothed couple for two years now. And they were nothing like Ranma and Akane. They actually admitted their feelings to each other. They were the typical high school sweethearts -- went to movies, had their first kiss in a romantic spot by the Garden Maze, were voted Prom King and Queen... And Akane? She went off to college, allowing her older sister to progress in her relationship without any impediments like ex-fiancees. She and Ranma are done, finished, forever in the past... Until now. This is the story of Akane's first homecoming, and how her relationship with Ranma -- and Nabiki -- come full circle.[1]


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Episode 1: Pilot[]

Episode 2: Apologies[]

Episode 3: Shampoo and Akane Meet Again[]

Episode 4: A Pure and Honest Christmas[]

Episode 5: Honorbound, Lovebound[]

Episode 6: Alternate Endings[]

Episode 7: Shogatsu[]

Episode 8: Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave[]

Episode 9: Tsumi no Ishiki (A Guilty Conscience)[]

Episode 10: The End of the Affair[]

Episode 11: Crooked River[]

Episode 12: Fumbling Towards Ecstasy[]

Episode 13: One Day It'll All Make Sense[]



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