newRanma is written by Christopher Jones and began online publication on July 1st, 2001.[1] It was completed on February 8th, 2002.[2]

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Ranma suffers a traumatic injury that has the potential to change his personality and life forever. Can he survive? Can the others cope...?[3]
Ranma receives a traumatic brain injury that has the potential to change his life and the lives of everyone around him forever.[4]
A failed attempt to get out of eating Akane's cooking results in a fight in the kitchen. Unfortunately Ranma slips while dodging and falls badly, hitting his head against the table, knocking himself out momentarily. He does wake up though fast enough and seems OK, if with a headache. Later on though the headache gets worse, eventually resulting in him passing out again and thinking he's a girl when he comes to! Fortunately, Kuno didn't get too far before even he realised something was wrong. Turns out that the fall aggravated an old injury that created a bloodclot in the brain. And that clot is causing pressure on the brain, which results in Ranma having an impaired sexual awareness. Well, the clot can be removed, but when Ranma finally gets a chance to mature in sexual matters, he's bound to change...[5]
Ranma has brain damage. It's been there for a while and it's had a definite effect upon his personality. But if he's ever to really grow up, it has to go. No one ever said that growing up was easy.[6]

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