One Half a Neko Moon is written by John McCready and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at one instalment.


Ranma Saotome has left behind his life in Nerima, choosing to try and escape that fate and live free. However, Ranma soon finds that no matter where he runs, he will always find that there are people who need him.[1]

Ranma has had enough one day and just walks out of his life in Nerima. Making money on the fighting circuit he wanders until he runs into a monster attacking a girl and her grandfather. It's Rei Hino, and it turns out that her grandfathers wife was the one that brought Ranma out of the neko-ken the first time. Of course when the rest of the senshi hear of the Neko-ken they resolve to try and cure Ranma. With unexpected results. Seems that the Ginzoushou is looking for a new leader, since Usagi is Sailor moon, and not the Moon Princess (generally), and Ranma is nominated! That crystal is quite the pervert as well, and there are also some other unusual side effects that start affecting the Senshi and Ranma in interesting ways.[2]


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