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Pantyhose Taro is a minor recurring villain, who appears in three stories.


Pantyhose Taro was named by Happosai and unintentionally baptized by him in the "Spring of Drowned Ox-Riding, Crane and Eel-Carrying, Yeti". As his cursed form is a powerful monster, as opposed to a girl or a small animal, Taro has no problems with his Jusenkyo form, but hates Happosai with a vengeance for his name and is dedicated to having him change it... by his village lore, Happosai is the only person in the world who can do this, so if he can't make the old pervert see sense, he'll live with the name "Pantyhose Taro" for the rest of his life. Between his first and second stories, he somehow manages to use "Spring of Drowned Octopus" water to give his cursed form giant tentacles, and become even stronger.

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  • Despite her grudge against him, he is sometimes paired off with Rouge.

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