Phoenix from the Ashes, originally titled Like a Phoenix from the Grave, is written by Frederick Dean Herriot and was published online on January 24th, 1999.[1]


What if Ranma, after he was crippled, met the reborn Emperor Líng of Hàn, now living as Moroboshi Hiromi? How will Ranma react as he learns of the incredible world of the tōshi... and the Avalonians?[2]

Ranma is given the opportunity to walk again and avenge himself on the family that abandoned him in exchange for his manhood.[3]

Diverges from Body and Souls after the 'admirer' comes into Ranma's life. Sakebu Kanna is the doctor who treated Ranma for his injury. She's a symbiont with an alien race called the Nendo-Kata, and the psychic powers this gives her makes her a superlative doctor. Not good enough to heal Ranma's severed spine though. But there is another way that Ranma may be healed. It has a price though, his manhood...[4]


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Chapter 1: First MeetingsEdit

Chapter 2: New SistersEdit

Chapter 3: The Sebone Cousins - Part 1Edit

Chapter 4: The Sebone Cousins - Part 2Edit

Chapter 5: The Downfall of the Saotome Clan - Part 1Edit

Chapter 6: The Downfall of the Saotome Clan - Part 2Edit

Chapter 7: The Return of HapposaiEdit

Chapter 8: When Tomobiki Met the DragonspeakerEdit

Chapter 9: Ranma and Mimoko Fall in LoveEdit

Chapter 10: Happosai Gets a New StudentEdit

Chapter 11: The Children of the Yamasen-kenEdit

Chapter 12: A Promise FulfilledEdit

Chapter 13: Akane's New SenseiEdit

Chapter 14: Nodoka Reunites with HaekoEdit

Chapter 15: Akane's New GirlfriendEdit

Chapter 16: The Downfall of the Tendo ClanEdit

Chapter 17: When Toshi Dream of the Flower YouthEdit

Chapter 18: The AttackEdit

Chapter 19: The ResponseEdit

Chapter 20: Up, Me, Up! And to Your Posts!Edit

Chapter 21: The Hound of ChulainnEdit

Chapter 22: The Dragon JadeEdit

Chapter 23: Akane Goes to YoshuEdit

Chapter 24: Mission BriefingEdit

Chapter 25: Kuno's Very Bad DayEdit

Chapter 26: Mikiko Plots Against Her New SisterEdit

Chapter 27: Ranma Becomes a NakodoEdit

Chapter 28: Hiromi Reunites with MiokoEdit

Chapter 29: The Thunderbird of the StarsEdit

Chapter 30: The Commissioning of HMCS HaidaEdit

Chapter 31: An Attack on USS ArizonaEdit

Chapter 32: The Children of the Jade DragonEdit

Chapter 33: Nabiki Meets KyokoEdit

Chapter 34: The Last Grasp of the Dragon JadeEdit

Chapter 35: Hiromi and Mioko Get a DaughterEdit

Chapter 36: Nabiki and Kyoto Fall in LoveEdit

Chapter 37: Nabiki Does a Body-SwapEdit

Chapter 38: Canada Comes to YaminokuniEdit

Chapter 39: Return of the Xiaoxian EmperorEdit

Chapter 40: A New Saint Crispin's DayEdit

Chapter 41: The Battle of Yaminokuni - Round 1Edit

Chapter 42: The Battle of Yaminokuni - Round 2Edit

Chapter 43: The Dead Grove - Part 1Edit

Chapter 44: The Dead Grove - Part 2Edit

Chapter 45: The Dead Grove - Part 3Edit

Chapter 46: The End of the RomanceEdit

Chapter 47: The Evolution of ToshiEdit

Chapter 48: The Imperial Family RebornEdit

Chapter 49: The Lost Child of the Xiaoling EmperorEdit

Chapter 50: Awakenings and New LivesEdit

Chapter 51: Old Sailors and SoldiersEdit

Chapter 52: Lost Loves and New LovesEdit

Chapter 53: The Angel of Destruction ReturnsEdit

Chapter 54: Going HomeEdit

Chapter 55: Hiromi Gets Her Parents BackEdit

Chapter 56: In the Footsteps of Apollo 11Edit

Chapter 57: The Servant of the Wise LordEdit

Chapter 58: Indiana Jones Comes to JapanEdit

Chapter 59: The Downfall of the Hentai HordeEdit

Chapter 60: Nodoka Faces a ChoiceEdit

Chapter 61: Ranma and Mimoko Have an OmiaiEdit

Chapter 62: The End of Hollow Dreams - Part 1Edit

Chapter 63: The End of Hollow Dreams - Part 2Edit

Chapter 64: The Chains of the Past are BrokenEdit

Chapter 65: New World in the MorningEdit


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