"Private Bet 10" is written by Shade and began online publication on March 25th, 1999.[1] It currently stands incomplete at a prologue and four chapters, the most recent of which was published on October 10th, 2003.[2]


Take one martial artist. Add a dash of Destiny and more crossovers then you can shake a stick at. Then stand back and watch the fireworks begin.[3]

Due to a sudden explosion of magical activity, Ranma fell through a rift into another world when he was training at Jusenkyo with Genma. On that world and others Ranma learns many skills, makes many enemies and causes many women to chase him. Later he becomes a CosmoKnight, a defender and servant of the Cosmic Forge. Finally it becomes time for him to return to the world of his birth. How will he get along with the people there and can he still protect the world without revealing his secret.[4]

Ranma gets to journey through space, time, and a whole lot of other places, instead of turning into a girl!! Instead of falling into a spring at Jusenkyou Ranma is teleported to a planet in Palladium's RPG Rifts universe. There Saotome's skills are increased a thousandfold as well as his ability to charm the women without trying. This is the interesting story of a responsible Ranma with the power to take on a god and still not understand how he gets in those situations.[5]


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