Process of Elimination is written by Brian Randall and began online publication July 6th, 2001.[1] It was completed on April 26th, 2002.[2]


Ranma has to make a choice about who to save when the entire world is threatened with destruction. His decision has unexpected consequences[3]

Earth is endangered by a race of bioengineered monsters. All those who can, assemble to fight to the end... but will it be enough?[4]

The Earth is threatened by a seemingly unstoppable alien menace, and those who remain must band together or perish...[5]

The reavers are attacking. Giant organic creatures with incredible powers of adaptation and the ability to communicate these adaptations to others of their species, they are literally eating the earth up and everything on it. Ranma has the chance to save himself and one other, but he passes the chance up in order to save Akane, Ukyo and Shampoo. He will stay behind to fight this threat. And amazingly he even manages to kill one! He's fatally injured in the process though, and would have died if Washuu hadn't saved him. Can he help turn the tide of the battle? Will there be a chance for love for someone who is no longer entirely human?[6]


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  • Based on Pick One!, also by Randall.
  • Two Spam-fic instalments "End of Elimination" and "End of Elimination - Take Two" were also posted.
  • A prologue was added in the incomplete rewrite.
  • An unofficial addition to the story exists in the form of the sequel Recovery by Jeremy Bennett.

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