Progeny is written by Jeffrey Vasquez and began online publication August 1st, 1999.[1] It currently stands incomplete at a prologue and 11 chapters, the most recent of which was published on March 24th, 2010.[2]


Memory lost. Memory Forgotten. Shadows dance under the light of the moon. Ranma Saotome thought that he was invincible. Nothing in the world could best him until someone close to his heart was taken from him.[3]

Long ago, in a beautiful kingdom on the moon, lived a wise ruler named Serenity... but in one matter, she wasn't wise at all. She married a man who would one day betray her and everything she stood for, and force her to exile him to the darkness. But that was not the end of the story; it would take a very long time, but eventually, he would return...[4]

At the end of the Silver Millennium, Queen Serenity's husband is brought before her to be punished as a traitor. As the punishment takes effect he vows vengeance in the future. At Jusendo, Ranma failed to same Akane and he has fallen into a pit of grief since then. Nabiki has been trying to help him out of it, but it takes a chance encounter with a girl in Juuban who looks just like Akane to begin to lift his grief...[5]

Ranma Saotome has never been truly defeated till now. During the battle against Saffron, Akane dies before Ranma can defeat Saffron. Abandoned by friends and enemies alike he moves into his mother's house in Juuban. There he meets an old friend of his mother's and her daughter. There's just one thing though, the daughter, one Mizuno Ami looks just like Akane!![6]


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