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Ranma: Take 2 is written by David Richards and began online publication on October 18th, 2004.[1] It currently stands incomplete at eight chapters, the most recent of which was published on October 23rd, 2005.[1]


The battle is done, but now the pieces must be picked back up. What truths and lies will be revealed, and how will they move on with them?[2]


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Chapter 1: A Better Way[]

Chapter 2: There and Again[]

Chapter 3: Preparations for Destiny[]

Chapter 4: Countdown to Zero[]

Chapter 5: Woes of the Heart[]

Chapter 6: Confrontations of the Soul[]

Chapter 7: Sacrifices of the Self[]

Chapter 8: Who am I?[]

Chapter 9: New Lease on Life[]

Chapter 10: Strength Within Your Soul[]

Chapter 11: Arrival of the Lost Boy[]

Chapter 12: Perception[]

Chapter 13: Self Delusion and Self Realisation[]

Chapter 14: Showdown - Part 1[]

Chapter 15: Showdown - Part 2[]

Chapter 16: Aftermath[]

Chapter 17: Journey's Beginning[]

Chapter 18: Looking Inside Ourselves[]


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