Ranma: The Apprentice is written by Tomas Megerson and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at four chapters, the most recent of which was published in ????.


Genma is killed at Jusenkyou when he saves his son from an errant fireball thrown in an Angel vs Demon match above the springs. Ranma watches helplessly as the Angel and the Demon both kill themselves. Misinterpreting the Angel's last request the kami themselves pick up Ranma's training. Befriended by a lonely young Norn goddess of the future Ranma set out to make reparations to all the peoples lives he would have or already did ruin. All in typical Ranmaesque fashion of course.[1]

Genma is killed at Jusenkyo when a battle between God and Demon interrupts the training with Ranma. The Gods, heeding the last request of a fallen God, continue Ranma's training as he strives to become a Devil Hunter. When he and his friend, the Goddess Skuld, are caught looking at his file, they are punished by being demoted and sent to Earth. Ranma and Skuld try to clean up the problems that Genma left him with. This is a story of Gods, Demons, Devils, love, and one young man who just wants to get a promotion.[2]


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