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Ranma ⅓: Source of Pride is written by Gregg Sharp and was published online on June 7th, 1999.[1]


What if Genma went a little bit overboard...[2]
What if Genma went a little bit overboard with the Catfist training?[3]
Ukyo catches up with Genma just as Genma is putting Ranma through the Nekoken training. It looks like vengeance against Ranma is pointless, but Genma however.. On a later training attempt Ukyo rescues Ranma and takes him to the Masaki shrine. Only for Ranma to be captured again and this time thrown to the lions! (well, big cats are better for learning the cat fist) Eventually the crippled Ranma winds up at the Amazon village.[4]
How do you deal with pride? Do you let it command your responses, or do you control it? How Genma let a situation escalate out of control, and all for pride's sake.[5]


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