Reality Bytes is written by Jim Robert Bader and began online publication in ????. It was completed in ????.


There are infinite worlds with infinite possibilities, and when choices are presented to someone like Ranma each path he takes leads to a different outcome. What if the progeny of these separate pathways were to meet and interact with one another? What would they say upon meeting the children of at least one of their parents who married someone other than the person they've always known as their mother and/or father?[1]

Priss faces Sylvie in the DD Battlemover and struggles to kill her when a strange boy turns up, demolishes the DD with a finger (!) and leaves again in a blue flash. Spring Saotome, daughter of Ranma and Shampoo meets her son from the future, and when he leaves, she is dragged along with her! A magic pendant is at the root of this and people bounce form timeline to timeline, more and more descendants of the Nerima gang are dragged along for the ride. What is going on? And what will a hardened and bitter Time Cop named Ranma do about all this when he sees a chance to avert a tragedy in the making...[2]


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