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Redheads is written by Robert Haynie Jr. and was began online publication on July 13th, 1999.[1] It currently stands at four chapters, the most recent of which was published on January 7th, 2000.[2]


Sometime after Ranma's Girl Days training has been concluded, Ranma and Akane are doing a bit of window shopping. Ranma is in her girl form as one of the ongoing training days. Wandering into a strange shop, the owner offers Ranma the chance of excitement and adventure! Surprisingly enough Ranma is not at all interested. But destiny will not be denied and a chain that accidentally falls into Akane's bag transports the pair to the world of the Slayers. Where before long they meet up with another redhead. Maybe a bit shorter, different coloured eyes and a lot less... How do martial arts compare to magic anyway?[3]

Ranma (in girl form) and Akane is tranported to the world of Slayers in which they bump and team up with Lina and her gang. Oh my. The trouble these 2 groups can get into.[4]

It's after the Girl Days saga and Ranma and Akane are shopping. Then they enounter a magical pendant and are swept off to another world, a world they share with another destructive redhead with an insatiable appetite. Hey Lina, meet your perfect body... and the guy who's wearing it.[5]


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  • TASS Mini Series Award for July 1999, 2nd place
  • TASS Mini Series Award for August 1999, 2nd place
  • TASS Mini Series Award for February 2000, 3rd place (tie)

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