Return of the Age of Heroes is written by John Tannius and began online publication on April 12th, 2003.[1] It currently stands incomplete at four chapters, the most recent of which was published on April 14th, 2006.[1]


Things were bad enough with failed wedding, then Ranma saw someone he thought he'd lost forever.[2]

Ranma is tired of the daily crap he goes through and after the failed wedding he sees someone he never thought he would see again on television. Coming to a decision, Ranma resolves his problems (at least he tries to) and takes a trip to Graviton city.[3]


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Chapter 1: Clichéd Opening Number 42/Changes1Edit

Chapter 2: My Parents are Super/Healing Old Wounds1Edit

Chapter 3: He's Got that Emerald Glow/He Has that Emerald Glow1Edit

Chapter 4: Secret OriginsEdit

  1. The versions have different chapter titles.


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