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Revenge-fics are a form of Spam-fic.


The Revenge Wars started with a silly little fic written by Scott Jamison called Sauce... and ballooned from there. The premise was simple - What if the Ranma characters grew tired of all the fic writers' attempts to solve all their problems? What would happen if they decided to return the favour? In Scott's case, Ranma and Akane show up at his favourite Cyber Cafe in an attempt to straighten out his love life. After all, what's Sauce for the Goose...

Within a week, *dozens* of Revenge Fics had flooded the FFML. The game covered the whole range - from silly to serious - from chilling (Richard Lawson's contribution comes to mind) to blatant wish-fulfilment ... All in all, it was great, good natured fun.

But it didn't stop there. Instead, a number of writers decided to use it as a base for one of the biggest, most blatant Self Insertion collaborations since the days of
Twisted Path or Undocumented Features.[1]

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