Richard David Beaubien is the author of nine works of Ranma ½ fan fiction.


NAME:Richard Beaubien
FFML/IRC NICKNAME:Ami-chan(May change...)
A. Age/Birthdate: 19,Jan 27th 1977
B. Anime Favorites:
Sailor Moon, Orange Road, Patlabor, Ranma, Tenchi...
C. Other Interests: Sports (Hockey and Football), Computers
D. Music:J-pop and Rock.
E. Personality: Easy going, though I do have a slight temper...
F. Height (optional): 6'1
G. Weight (optional):
H. Overall Appearance (i.e. hair color, eyes, race, whatever):
I. Education (how much and where)?:1st year college, Malaspina
J. Gender: Male
K. Sex ^_- (optional):
L. Level of Asuza-ness/Ryouga-ness: None (I'm done to earth, honest:)
M. Homepage:hxxp://
N. Driving (do you have a vehicle and can you drive it?):none
O. Computer type: none(I use college's PC's, a Unix account)
P. Email addy:
Q. Area of Residence (i.e. city, state, country, whatever-optional):Nanaimo BC, Canada
R. What Fanfics have you written:
Natsumi, The Magical Girl;Be careful what you wish for; Sailor Moon:The Road Less travelled; Love in September;Ah!!Ranma-sama!!;Crisis Managment team Nerima
S. Job?:Student
T. Other: I'm a real big fan of Ami Mizuno and Aya Hisakawa..A real big fan

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