Ryoko Saotome is written by Luke Green and began online publication on May 18th, 2000.[1] It was completed on January 13th, 2002.[2]


Four Years ago, Akane died tragically at Jusendo. A galaxy away, Masaki Tenchi breathed his last dying breath. A couple that never should have been meet up in a twist of fate. Now all they have to do is survive each other.[3]

The battles of Jurai and Jusendo did not end the way they were meant to.[4]

Ryoko has lost Tenchi and is badly wounded. She returns to Earth and gets Ryo-Ohki to hack the records to make her the owner of the Masaki shrine. However, she still has to sign something. Ranma has lost Akane, unable to save her at Jusendo. He's mourned for years, but now that his education is done, it's time for him to sign for his license to teach. Two people who've lost their reason for living, two people not paying much attention at the clerks office, one form they sign that they didn't mean to, and a clerk who rushes off for home the moment it's done, and Ranma and Ryoko are accidentally married! Be a week before it can be undone as well. Oh well, Ranma will have to take care of the injured Ryoko for a while at least, maybe it will give him some purpose again too...[5]


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