Ryu Kumon is a wandering martial artist and master of the Yamasenken.


When he was six years old, he and his father were a very poor family that owned the shoddy Kumon Dojo. One day Ryu's father had an encounter with Genma Saotome. After Genma found out about the Kumons' financial problems, he gave Ryu's father a scroll containing the techniques of the deadly secret art of Yamasenken ("Fist of One Thousand Mountains"). This led Ryu's father to believe he could use the Yamasenken to restore his dojo, but when he practiced its attacks indoors he ended up destroying the building, causing it to fall on top of him which led to his death. With his last moments of life, he gave Ryu the scroll and told him to find the scroll containing the companion Umisenken. Since then Ryu has traveled alone without any family or friends which led to his harsh and untrusting nature.

Ten years later, he comes across Genma's wife Nodoka, when saving her from a rampaging bear, she tells him that he is her long lost son, Ranma, since the scroll he is carrying has Ranma's name written on it. While somewhat surprised by his coincidental good fortune in encountering the wife of Genma, Ryu immediately takes the opportunity to play along, in order to find the Umisenken scroll, and takes up residence within her house. Ranma discovers that Ryu is misleading his mother, and after being beaten and threatened to be exposed if he interfered, decides to learn the stealthy Umisenken technique from his father, which is developed as a direct counter to the brutal and powerful Yamasenken. Once Ranma mastered the Umisenken, he finally managed to defeat Ryu after a harsh and difficult battle.

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Fanon TraitsEdit

  • Occasionally develops a similar, but less murderous, new fighting style.
  • Tends to redeem himself.
  • Militaristic, and principled.
  • In crossovers with Sailor Moon, he is occasionally the sempai Makoto Kino has long idolized. In these instances she mistakes Ranma for Ryu due to Ryu using Ranma's name at that time.

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