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Saffron is the immortal ruler of the Jusendo Bird People and the main antagonist for the final arc of the Ranma ½ series.


This humanoid Phoenix is the immortal ruler of the Jusendo Bird People. However, although haughty, arrogant, obnoxious, and petty, he nevertheless has sufficient concern for his rural citizens to have provided heat and light for centuries.

On the other hand, he has a storage room full of citizens encased in imprinting eggs, so dissidents apparently get brainwashed, but he will at least not stoop to execute his own subjects for misunderstandings, since he let Koruma and Masala go after they beat him up for being obnoxious.

He also has no concern or patience for anyone not of his tribe, and can be underhanded, sadistic, ruthless, and even manipulative, if they get in his way. He first appeared as a child and later changed into a stronger, more adult form. During Ranma's encounter with him, Akane was changed into a doll. After his battle with Ranma he reverted back to being a baby.

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  • Fanon recurrently and inaccurately assumes that he is a god physically manifest. No one, not even Saffron himself, refers to him as being a god in canon. He does have a high level of supernatural powers (including regeneration and elemental attacks that can liquify mountains), so, really, it's easy to see why he's made out to be one though.

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