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Shampoo is a mysterious female martial artist from China, who initially chased Ranma with a Kiss of Death over a confused first meeting, then stopped and began trying to court him instead.


As with all of the main teens, a contradictory sort of girl; she genuinely loves Ranma, yet is still willing to try and use mind control in order to win his heart. She is generally a friendly, playful girl, but has no qualms about attempting to kill her rivals for Ranma's heart, if she thinks she can get away with it. Outside of Ranma, the closest friend she has is Mousse - although "close", in this case, is something of a misnomer. While she doesn't seem to outright hate him, she certainly doesn't seem to have any romantic interest in him, to the extent that even saving her from mind control (giving up a chance to make her his literal love slave in the process) didn't earn him so much as a "thank you".

Shampoo speaks with a simplified mode of speech, most notably rapidly switching between ignoring and using personal pronouns, because of having a limited amount of time to learn the Japanese language. She has very little modesty, and attempts to use nudity to seduce Ranma in public places. Early in the series, Kasumi Tendo had a talk with her about modesty. Although she did cease her faint-inducing habit of popping out of the tub naked anytime Ranma tried to take a bath, the conversation has apparently had little effect on her behavior other than that. Shampoo is highly skilled in unarmed combat, particularly involving speed and acrobatics, and is strong enough to casually walk through stone walls on a regular basis.

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Fanon TraitsEdit

  • She uses a pair of "chúi" as her primary weapons. They are often mistakenly called "bombori" in fanfiction.
  • Despite her lack of intrest in him, she is often paired with Mousse in fanfiction.
  • If she is defeated by another man in combat after Ranma, she can sometimes be conflicted upon choosing who to call her husband. Ranma or the new man who defeated her. This is more often used in crossovers however.

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