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The Tendo patriarch, Soun Tendo, is a widower who lost his wife about a decade ago to some unknown fate.


Though he tries to present himself as the stoic, dignified, traditional sort of person, he is really very emotional and frequently prone to fits of dramatics. It's unknown whether the Tendo Dojo is a business dojo or a family dojo. Soun's own job is left unclear in the original manga (the best evidence he even has one is that he once tries to use "going on a business trip" as an excuse when he thought Kasumi was angry, and it's possible[1] that was just a gag and he's actually unemployed), but the anime shows him to be a member of the town council. Even though his source of income isn't very clear, he nevertheless manages to support himself, his three daughters, his three houseguests and the frequent repairs with only occasional bouts of tight finances.

He is very respectful to his deceased wife, whose grave he visits regularly and he constantly mourns her. He tends to become very angry whenever he suspects that Ranma is 'cheating' on Akane or otherwise is treating her badly, being intensely paranoid in this regard.

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Fanon TraitsEdit

  • He is sometimes paired off with Hinako Ninomiya in fanfiction.
  • Seems to go into crying fits if the smallest things go wrong.
  • Often obsessed with pairing Ranma and Akane together, even if the two have broken up amicably.
  • Is protrayed as being cowardly and easily falling for Genma's schemes if it means Akane and Ranma will wed.
  • In fiction where Genma is arrested, he sometimes is arrested as well for harboring a fugitive.
  • In crossovers with Sailor Moon, Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury is often depicted as a relative of his, most often as a niece.

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