Stefan Paul Gagne, also known as Twoflower, is the author of 12 works of Ranma ½ fan fiction.


My real name is Stefan Paul Gagne. I was born in Maryland, grew up in Maryland, and am currently residing in Maryland. Maryland sucks. According to Dave Barry the only claim to fame Maryland has is that it had the world's first umbrella factory. Still, it's my home, and I'm comfy cozy here.

My original handle, from the 80's era of BBSing, was Random Q. Hacker (from the Infocom game, "Bureaucracy"). When I got to college I had to shorten that to 8 characters for my new e-mail address, and with random and rqh taken, I decided to switch to Twoflower -- the bumbling, vapid tourist from Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" series. The nick has stuck ever since, which is why I named this page after it; people know me by this handle. (And it's also why my e-mail address is still twoflowr, without the E... 8 characters. Bleargh.)

But I digress. Back to the early years.

I slid through the school system with reasonably high marks while despising every minute of my experience there. I didn't feel any of the a-typical persecution you hear about, despite being notably handicapped (physically disabled? other abled? crippled? what's the accepted word nowadays?) as a diastrophic dwarf. No, I mostly just didn't like schoolwork. Schoolwork was boring. I had other things I liked to do... namely, play games, watch TV, waste time and most importantly, write.

In high school I finally hit a class I really could dig: advanced composition. I wrote FWLS there, and later got into anime which started up my anime fanfic kick and I've been rolling ever since. College mostly sucked because I originally was in the Computer Science department and I don't have a hardon for NP-Complete algorithms, but I later switched to a DYI major of Computers and Interactive Media (with plenty of literature, film studies, art studio, etc) and found myself in love with school for a change. Pity it ended 1.5 years later, but it was still sweet.

Nowadays I kick it old school with my mad homeys in the federal goverment, where I made web pages 40 hours a week. (It could be worse, I could be doing 80 hour mandatory overtime in some .com startup company about to fold before the IPO.) In my spare time, to stay sane, I write. You can find links to what I write above.

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