Suikoden ½ is written by glazedlookineyes101 (Prologue & Chapters 3, 18~20, and 22~23 only) and Madhat886 and began online publication on April 3rd, 2004.[1] It currently stands incomplete at a prologue and 73 chapters, the most recent of which was published on June 5th, 2012.[1]


Saotome Ranma has discovered an 'out' to his chaotic life, thanx to the manipulations of a couple of mischievous beings.[2]

An encounter with a magic mirror sends Ranma to another world, leaving behind a broken past. Hey, who's the girl with silver hair?[3]


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Prologue: The Meeting of Two Friends in a Higher Plane of ExistenceEdit

Chapter 1: A New Stable for the Wild HorseEdit

Chapter 2: Hi! I'm Ranma! In Girl Form Call Me Ranko!Edit

Chapter 3: Girl Trouble! Here We Go Again!Edit

Chapter 4: A New Rune Bearer or Tainted Silver!Edit

Chapter 5: Broken Heart or Darkness Comes!Edit

Chapter 6: A Duel for Battle or A Clash of Pride!Edit

Chapter 7: So Long Lake Castle or Ranma Meets His Match!Edit

Chapter 8: Meet the Parents or Magic Time with Magic HatEdit

Chapter 9: So Long for Now or Burn Some MusclesEdit

Chapter 10: Between Life and DeathEdit

Chapter 11: The Return - Back to Where You Came From!Edit

Chapter 12: After DarkEdit

Chapter 13: The Coming Before the StormEdit

Chapter 14: Ballroom BattleEdit

Chapter 15: Meet Your Grandfather Ranma!Edit

Chapter 16: The Clock TowerEdit

Chapter 17: Friendship RekindledEdit

Chapter 18: Aftermath of the Mall BattleEdit

Chapter 19: Gathering StormEdit

Chapter 20: The Nightmare's EndEdit

Chapter 21: Err, Hi Girls! Meet My New Fiancées! Please Don't Kill Me!Edit

Chapter 22Edit

Part 1 - "I Can Explain Really I Can!"Edit

Part 2 – Thomas' Journal EntryEdit

Part 3 - Unleashing the BeastEdit

Chapter 23Edit

Part 1 - What Will We Do Now?Edit

Part 2 - Defend Brass Castle!Edit

Part 3 - One Surprise After AnotherEdit

Chapter 24: Raise of the Two CastlesEdit

Chapter 25: Gearing UpEdit

Chapter 26: First StrikeEdit

Chapter 27: Set PiecesEdit

Chapter 28: BondingEdit

Chapter 29: The Hot Older Sister!Edit

Chapter 30: Forest Battle!Edit

Chapter 31: Water Battle!Edit

Chapter 32: Air Battle!Edit

Chapter 33: Grass Plain Battle!Edit

Chapter 34: Castle Battle!Edit

Chapter 35: Broken BondEdit

Chapter 36: Darkness RaisingEdit

Chapter 37: Death of a ChildEdit

Chapter 38: AwakenEdit

Chapter 39: Face OffEdit

Chapter 40: Hallow's EveEdit

Chapter 41: Fright NightEdit

Chapter 42: Mother DearestEdit

Chapter 43: Ghost in the MagicEdit

Chapter 44: Harry Thunders Returns to EnglandEdit

Chapter 45: A New BenderEdit

Chapter 46: The Lightning BenderEdit

Chapter 47: Training DaysEdit

Chapter 48: Enter the VipersEdit

Chapter 49: Opening ActEdit

Chapter 50: The Second ActEdit

Chapter 51: Third ActEdit

Chapter 52: Going to HogwartsEdit

Chapter 53: Road TripEdit

Chapter 54: Unexpected Arrival[4]Edit

Chapter 55: Future and Present MeetEdit

Chapter 56: OutlookEdit

Chapter 57: Avengers DismantleEdit

Chapter 58: School for Hard KnocksEdit

Chapter 59: Farewell My Other Self - Part 1Edit

Chapter 60: Farewell My Other Self - Part 2Edit

Chapter 61: Farewell My Other Self - Part 3Edit

Chapter 62: The EndlessEdit

Chapter 63: Chaos HorseEdit

Chapter 64: It's Ranma Time!Edit

Chapter 65: Over CrowingEdit

Chapter 66: The Rune's StrikeEdit

Chapter 67: Free for AllEdit

Chapter 68: Fall of Great LakersEdit

Chapter 69: The Big GirlsEdit

Chapter 70: The Blue Blade ShowEdit

Chapter 71: DoomsdayEdit

Chapter 72: Code of a HeroEdit

Chapter 73: EscapeEdit


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