The Accidental Goddess is written by D.F. Roeder and began online publication on April 17th, 1999.[1] Currently the story stands at five chapters and remains incomplete, the most recent chapter being posted on June 29th, 2000.[2]


Through blind luck and Skuld's bad computer habits, Nabiki opens a backdoor into the Yggdrasil personnel files while playing an innocent joke on Ranma-chan. Oops![3]

Nabiki thinks that Ranma-chan needs an identity of her own. She's got a bit of info from a friend about hacking and, with Ranma watching nervously, she connects to an IP number she's been given. Unfortunately she misread it and that, in combination with a bug and Skulds bad computer habits gets her into Yggdrasil. Convinced that this is a gag site, Nabiki fills in a New File form, and hey presto, Ranma-chan is the new Class 1, Category 1 Unlimited Goddess of Sex! Eep! Belldandy, Urd and Skuld quickly pop over to see what's happened...[4]

While goofing off with Nabiki on the computer, she and Ranma come across an application on the Yggradsil net on becoming a goddess. Filling it out using Ranma's information to become the new Goddess of Sex seems just like harmless fun up until the form is sent. Then weird things start happening.[5]

Ranma-chan's online quest for a fake ID lands her a heavenly new identity.[6]


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