The Age of the Black Blade is written by Robert P. Barba and Video Game Addicted Person and was published online on November 22nd, 1999.[1]


Just after Akane's death, Ranma seems to have died too. He just sits in the Dojo, unmoving, not to eat, to drink or anything. But a woman is coming, called Fuitamu Keiei. A master of the sword, she holds a grudge against Hikaru, who defeated her in a contest years ago, and holds a flame for Ranma, to whom she had been promised in a deal between Genma and her father. Looks like another challenge has arrived at the Tendo Dojo, and for Hikaru.[2]

Only days after the tragic death of Saotome Akane, a challenger arrives on the doorstep of the Saotome-Tendo dojo. Her name: Fuitamu Keiei. Her intent: to gain the hand of the fiancé she lost so many years ago. Her vow: to regain Ranma's hand at any cost - even if it means killing any obstacle in her path![3]


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