The Phoenix Prince Saga is written by Linda Ward and began online publication on February 4th, 2001.[1] It currently stands incomplete at 28 chapters, the most recent of which was published in ????.


In the aftermath of the failed wedding, Nodoka thinks it would be a good idea if Ranma spend some time with her, away from all the fiancees. She lives in Juuban at her ancestral home, the Hino residence. It's not long before Ranma meets the senshi and makes his own impression on them. And Nodoka finds that living with Ranma has it's own problems as well...[2]


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Book 1: The NestEdit

Part 1: A New HomeEdit

Chapter 1: The Failed WeddingEdit
Chapter 2: The MoveEdit
Chapter 3: Introductions to JuubanEdit

Part 2: Life Struggles OnEdit

Chapter 4: Practice at the Saotome ResidenceEdit
Chapter 5: The First struggleEdit
Chapter 6: Nodoka's LessonsEdit

Part 3: Surviving in a Modern WorldEdit

Chapter 7: Life as We Know ItEdit
Chapter 8: Youma, Youma EverywhereEdit
Chapter 9: Fire Burning BrightlyEdit

Book 2: The BurningEdit

Part 4: AblazeEdit

Chapter 10: KindleEdit
Chapter 11: SearEdit
Chapter 12: AgonizeEdit

Part 5: InsightEdit

Chapter 13: Precognition - (Reiki)Edit
Chapter 14: Cognition - (Akai)Edit
Chapter 15: Recognition - (Ranko)Edit

Part 6: PersonificationsEdit

Chapter 16: Warrior - (Kina)Edit
Chapter 17: Teacher - (Amilia)Edit
Chapter 18: Leader - (Minanoai)Edit

Book 3: The RisingEdit

Part 7: New PowersEdit

Chapter 19: Reborn PowersEdit
Chapter 20: Ancient PowersEdit

Part 8: New Soul, Reborn Soul, Ancient SoulEdit

Part 9: New ShapeEdit

Chapter 21: Reborn ShapeEdit
Chapter 22: Ancient ShapeEdit

Book 4: ChallengesEdit

Part 10: Elder BirthEdit

Chapter 23: First BornEdit
Chapter 24: Least BornEdit
Chapter 25: Warrior BornEdit

Part 11: Elder SwordEdit

Chapter 26: First SwordEdit
Chapter 27: Least SwordEdit
Chapter 28: Warrior SwordEdit



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