The Ranma 1/2 Superhighway is an archive for Ranma ½ fan fiction. It was created by Red Death. It was launched in ????.


Stories were generally divided into several subsections: "Altaverse Drive" (alternative universe tales), "Continuation Road" (tales set after Volume 38), "Divergence Alley" (stories set during the run of the manga), "Fusion Lane" (Crossover-fics), and "Oneshot Way" (Oneshots).

Other sections of the site included: "Epic Avenue" (lengthy tales), "Matchup Mile" (stories organised by girl Ranma ends up with), "Wishlist" (list of stories ideas Red Death wanted to see incorporated into future stories), "The R1/2SH FAQ" (Red Death's answers for questions about the site), "Red's Reviews" (Red Death's review of various stories), and "Ranma Fanfic Pet Peeves" (repeated errors in fan fiction that annoyed Red Death). There was also the "Features Pages", which highlighted the works of selected writers.


The following authors had one or more of their works hosted on the site:

  1. This writer's works were later removed.


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