The Saffron Agenda is written by Jamie Austin Wilde and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at a prologue and one part, the most recent of which was published in ????.

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Struggling from the ashes of the Star League are five Great Houses: House Kuno of the Furinkan Combine, House Gosunkugi of the League of Five Nails, House Joketsuzoku of the Jusenkyo Commonwealth, House Shiratori of the Federated Shiratori, and House Tendo of the Nerima Confederation. Each House has a claim to the Star League throne, and each has an army of mighty Battlemechs with which to conquer - but only one House can rule the Inner Sphere, and none will allow that rule to come without a price.

In the year 3025, two Dispossessed mechwarriors named Saotome gave the Inner Sphere its first real hope that the era of unending war might come to an end, when they and a small band of warriors and explorers under the command of the Nerima Confederation's heir to the throne, Lady Akane Tendo, found the location of the mythical Ryuugenzawa System, a fabled repository of old Star League knowledge and technology. After a desperate battle for control of the system, Lady Akane and the Confederation became the sole possessors of the Star League's secrets, and sought to restore the old Star League and the stability and prosperity it once symbolized. While Akane has brought the Third Succession War to an end and saved her people from Combine domination, the path to final peace is yet still an uncertain one, and there are many factions who still oppose her vision of the Inner Sphere's future...

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