The Saotome Gambit is written by Jamie Austin Wilde and began online publication on January 11th, 2000.[1] It was completed on May 2nd, 2002.[2]

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The Inner Sphere, an area of space roughly centered on Sol is at war. Five ruling houses, those of Kuno, Gosunkugi, Shiratori, Joketsuzoku and Tendo vie for control, fighting with giant Battlemechs. On planet Lightoller, Ranma and his father, dispossessed mechwarriors on a quest, are desperately trying to escape the vengeful Shampoo, after them for breaking into the top-secret Jusenkyo Laboratories. Luckily they escape, but they bear the mark of Jusenkyo now in the curses they carry. But Genma has an old friend that might help. In the Nerima Confederation, itself under attack from Kuno's Furinkan Combine and Gosunkugi's League of Five Nails, the Tendo's, the youngest daughter Akane particularly, wage war on their enemies. But the war appears hopeless. Just when it seems that the end has come, Genma and Ranma arrive, bringing hope in the form of a chance to find the legendary planet Ryuugenzawa. And chaos in the form of an arranged marriage to Akane. Something that Kuno and Gosunkugi are both violently opposed to...[3]

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Awards[edit | edit source]

  • TASS Mini Series Award for May 2000, 3rd place
  • TASS Mini Series Award for June 2000, 1st place (tied)
  • TASS Mini Series Award for July 2000, 1st place
  • TASS Mini Series Award for August 2000, 1st place
  • TASS Mini Series Award for September 2000, 2nd place
  • TASS Mini Series Award for October 2000, 3rd place
  • TASS Mini Series Award for November 2000, 3rd place
  • TASS Mini Series Award for Annual 2000, 6th place
  • TASS Crossover Mini Series Award for January 2001, 2nd place
  • TASS Crossover Mini Series Award for Annual 2001, 1st place

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