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The Virus is written by Christopher Jones and was published online June 18th, 2000.[1]


A escaped virus from Washuu's lab learns how to duplicate Ranma's curse in whomever it infects. The entire world is threatened.[2]

It's a story that talks about life, chaos, and the mixture of the two. It's a story in which Tenchi, Keiichi, and Kunou all turn into girls.[3]

Washuu has been experimenting with Tenchi's genes again. Nothing wrong with that, until Mihoshi accidentally lets the virus that Washuu created loose into the world. It starts off as a cold-type virus, but when it comes in contact with Ranma, it picks up the ability to confer Ranma's sexchanging properties on any future victims! The world may never be the same...[4]

It was all Mihoshi's fault. If it wasn't for her, Tenchi wouldn't have caught that alien flu virus. And he wouldn't of passed it to Ranma. Who passed a mutated virus back and around. A very infectious mutation - not lethal, but... kinda disturbing...[5]


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An RPG based on the concept was set up by Luke Green (aka Thryth):

The Virus RPG - as moderated by Thryth. The Virus RPG is a freeform role-playing game conducted by mailing list and set in the Virus universe. (Ye gods, I never thought it would get this big...)

According to Thryth:
This is a Next Generation RPG with a twist. For those unfamiliar with the [...] fanfic, "The Virus," the basic premise is this. A virus Washu Hakubi was using was accidentally altered and unleashed by Mihoshi, and, after encountering Ranma Saotome, proceeded to infect the world with a communicable Jusenkyo gender flipping curse. And now you'd be playing the generation after the virus hit...

Membership in the game is carefully managed to avoid overpopulation.[6]

The RGP group can still be found here, although the last non-spam post is dated February 1st, 2008.

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