Threads in a Tapestry is written by Dewin Duvae and began online publication on October 6th, 1998.[1] It currently stands incomplete at 20 instalments, the most recent of which was published on December 30th, 1999.[2]


Lots of things happen to Ranma & Co. (Ranma gets a cabbit, Ukyou becomes a female dog etc. etc.)[3]


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0,1: Threads in a TapestryEdit

0,2: Loose ThreadsEdit

0,3: Gathering ThreadsEdit

0,4: The Color of a ThreadEdit

0,5: Ripped TapestryEdit

0,6: Tapestry of CoincidenceEdit

0,7: Tapestry of MagicEdit

0,8: Tapestry of FurrEdit

0,9: Tapestry of FearsEdit

0,10: Wrapped in a TapestryEdit

0,11: Tapestry on the Wall Edit

0,12: A Time for ThreadsEdit

0,13: Threads that Seemed LostEdit

0,14: Be Careful Where You ThreadEdit

0,15: Caught in a ThreadEdit

0,16: Threads in a JumbleEdit

0,17: A Very Wet ThreadEdit

0,18: A Ghost of a ThreadEdit

0,19: A Thread for EachEdit

1,1: A Tapestry in the NightEdit


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