For other uses of Ukyo, see Ukyo
For other uses of Ukyo Kuonji, see Ukyo Kuonji

Ukyo Kuonji is the last of Ranma's fiancees to appear.


Ukyo is the victim of a childhood crush gone horribly wrong. First, she made a childhood marriage promise to Ranma that he would end up forgetting about (not that he knew what he was promising at the time - and then he ended up accidentally sabotaging the promise in the first place), and then, when her father and Genma's apparently made an arranged marriage... but then Genma stole her dowry and ran off with it, leaving her behind. Believing Ranma had been in on it, Ukyo swore revenge and began crossdressing as part of an elaborate vow, tracking Ranma down with the intent of making him pay for deceiving her... only to discover it had all been Genma's fault, and Ranma was never even told about the engagement. Between this, the fact she was still in love with him, the fact Ranma evidently found her attractive even despite the crossdressing, and the fact that he and his arranged fiancee clearly bickered and squabbled, Ukyo believes she has a legitimate chance at winning Ranma's heart, and calls off her revenge to instead try and woo him to her. Generally the nicest of Ranma's fiancees, but she has her ugly side too and can be just as ruthless as everyone else when she feels it's called for.

Ukyo's style of fighting is a legacy style from her father based on their food preparation, and vaguely reminiscent of ninja patterns. She uses food-based techniques to stun, restrain or confuse opponents. She also uses a large spatula as a two handed weapon and has a bandolier of smaller spatulas she uses as thrown projectiles. She is strong, agile, and has a versatile range of attacks.

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  • Often paired with Ryoga in fanfiction, although this trend generally only lasted until fans became aware of his girlfriend Akari Unryuu who appears towards the end of the manga.
  • If not paired with Ryoga, she is paired with either Ranma or Konatsu.
  • She is sometimes depicted as a voice of reason.

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