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Vengeance and a Half is written by Duncan Zillman and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at eight parts and remains incomplete, the most recent part being posted April 10th, 2001.[1]


When someone destroys your heart, vengeance is the disease that destroys soul and your humanity. So many of the greatest wars in our history have been brought about by accidents and misconceptions. From the Outer Senshi's point of view, they were saving the world at the cost of hurting one person. From Saotome Ranma's point of view, the magical girls were just as bad as demons they fought. When Sailor Moon and her allies returned from Crystal Tokyo after stopping the Dark Moon Family there, they followed Prince Diamond back to the wrong time, just a single week before they left. Now the past has been altered, and no-one believes it is for the better. The Death Busters, the Outers, the Inner Senshi, the Dark Moon Family and a band of mysterious martial artists are all out for their own goals. Never ones to wait for the justice they knew could not be provided for Akane, Ranma and Ryoga have joined forces. With a team forged from all those who would call them friends, their goal is more than justice, it is revenge; saving the city from the short skirted slayers who claim to be Tokyo's defenders.[2]

After the Dark Moon family was stopped in Crystal Tokyo, Prince Diamond travelled back in time. And the Inner Senshi followed him, to the wrong time, a week before they left. The paradox created has altered reality, causing Sailor Pluto great pain and rendering her unconscious. The Outer Senshi have been awakened early, and the Inners, replacing the versions of themselves that existed, find themselves in a altered world where they must fight the Death Busters, the Dark Moon family and the Outers at the same time. After Neptune and Uranus kill Akane while trying to get a Daimon, Ranma and his friends are out for vengeance too. And he will let nothing stop him bring these killer Senshi to justice.[3]

This is a tale of blood, death, and vengeance! In this reality the outer Senshi are truly hell-bent on obtaining the Talismans before their anyone else does. A fluke in the timestream has one of Ranma's fiancées killed by the outer Senshi, who didn't care who got in the way of their attacks. Ranma and Co. swear Vengeance on both the Senshi and their enemies![4]

The Senshi return from Crystal Tokyo to the present day - but a present day with a slightly different history than they remember. Now they must face the Death Busters, the Dark Moon Family, the increasingly ruthless Outer Senshi and a ragtag band of humans who seem to have declared war on every other faction... a band led by a grieving red-haired girl and by Sailor Saturn herself...[5]


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