Wild Horses & Pokegirls is written by Gregg Sharp and began online publication in ????. It was completed on April 18th, 2002.[1]


Can Ranma return home when he has to learn to rely on others just to survive?[2]

Ranma ends up in a parallel world where girls are pokemon style creatures.[3]

Professor Wendell Reichmann has completed his transporter and is testing it when he's rudely interrupted by Team Trauma, who shoot the researcher and his Titmouse pokegirl. They also shut the experiment down, but not before it goes wild and snatches Ranma from his world into this. Ranma doesn't really have the skills to survive in the Pokegirl world except as a tamer, so that's what he must to do live until he can return, at least 2 years. Professor Stroak gets him started, sending him off to his friend Soun's PokeDojo where Ranma must pick his main Pokegirl. He's got plenty of choice, from Kasumi and Nabiki, the kittens, to Akane the tomboy, to Usagi, the bunnygirl, to Rei the Icemaiden... But is he up to Taming them?[4]


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  • Took the "pokegirls" concept from the Unending BE and popularized it through this story.
  • An alternate riff on this is Wild Horses & Pokeboys, also by Sharp, which was originally posted to the now-defunt Pokewman forum along with two side stories ("Linda's Tale" and "Side Story 2") and was eventually incorporated (sans side stories) into A Fistful of Omake.
  • A number of side stories also exist, all by Sharp:


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